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The Stuffed Inn
The Stuffed Inn
1829 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709
Starts accepting pickup orders Monday at 10:30 AM

The Stuffed Inn

1829 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

In Berkeley at lunchtime and have an appetite? Look no further than The Stuffed Inn! Here, we do it simple and we do it right, serving down to earth, homestyle sandwiches, soups and salads with fresh ingredients. We're family owned and it shows. We know our regulars by name and are happy to treat you like one of the gang! At The Stuffed Inn, your mid-day satisfaction is our priority. Come see for yourself.

While The Stuffed Inn is best known for the sandwiches, don't overlook the rest. We prepare garden- fresh, generous salads at not-so-generous prices. Next up are our classic soups - packed with flavor. We're talking comfort food at its best, folks. Try our split pea soup - a customer favorite - or the tomato stupendous with a sammy on the side. Creamy clam chowder? Yep, we have it. Our soups will warm your belly as well as your soul.

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For the main event, you gotta love The Stuffed Inn's sandwiches! Served on soft, delicious breads like dutch crunch, dark rye or onion roll, we pile our sandwiches high and throw in veggies and garnishes to your liking. Try the the uber-popular Farrah's, loaded with flavorful turkey and avocado – or the Big Ned’s with cheddar, cucumber, sour cream and avocado. Vegetarian? That’s right, we've got your sandwich covered!

Top it all off with our freshly baked cookies - the ones mom really does makes - just for you and only a buck. Take some with you if you must!

Need to feed a crowd or planning a special event? Make your menu memorable with catering from The Stuffed Inn! Join us today and experience for yourself what all the fuss is about. The Stuffed Inn serves up high quality, lunchtime bliss at college student prices. Stick around if there's a line; we move super-fast and we know you'll agree: we're definitely worth the wait.

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